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Haven't been blogging for a while because I am now in the States!

I have also started a pre-order site for BBW items because I know how overpriced they are in the airport, and also that not everything is available there. Well, if you have the patience to wait till mid - December for your items, you have the freedom to buy more, less, and basically ANYTHING on the site. I know that you cannot get the sprays and perfumes from sprees so I am deciding to help you guys bring them back! :-)

Please support me and spread this to your friends.



Review: Naruko Tea Tree Acne & Oil Out Targeted Treatment

Introducing the NARUKO Tea Tree Acne & Oil Out Targeted Treament!

That is a mouthful to say and TYPE, so I'll just shorten it to Naruko's Zit Eliminator, because it DOES eliminate zits. I would say this is as it's name states, a treatment for targeted areas, mainly pimples and the areas that have acne. As you know, I have been using only Cellilux, no cleansers, no toners, moisturisers, nothing. It has cleared the problem area on my cheek really nicely, but of course, I still get pimples, but not a few in a localised area like before. 

I am currently using this Naruko product as a spot treatment for those random zits that pop out at random times. What I do is to take a q-tip, moisten the entire end on one tip. The bud will soak the tea tree and mint oils, and all the othe essence and liquids, leaving the pink sulfur powder coating the cotton bud. Then i just swipe the powder onto the pimple, covering the breakout as much as I can. Leave it overnight, wake up, wash it off. INSTANT reduction in size AND redness. Plus, the sulfur dries up the pimple so fast, it starts peeling the next morning. BEST THING: It works exactly like benzoyl peroxide, only without the nasty smell and LESS SCARRING. I'm not kidding!!


Okay, so the product works. What I really dislike is the dispenser though. After a while, the entire mouth of the nozzle will just become messy with all the dried up sulfur which looks kinda nasty. It is impossible to leave the top clean. But, this product runs out quite quickly if you use it heavily like I do on my spots, which are rather big, no idea why. so I tend to use more, even though I only spot treat.


I do have some scarring that Cellilux is unable to remove so I sometimes use a cotton pad soaked with this and swiped over the scarred areas. This dries up the skin, without making it hurt or anything like that. The skin then heals itself (quite quickly too), and the scars definitely lightened. JUST AFTER ONE NIGHT. 

Tried another method! Cut cotton pads into desired sizes (to cover up the pimple/acne areas), soak the cotton piece with the treatment, stick it on to the problematic areas, go to bed, wake up, half-peeled skin! It'll look a little gross but after washing/exfoliating gently with a warm wash towel, the dead skin will fall off and yes there will be scarring, but it's the red kind so it'll go away after a while. OH: this works best for pimples that have ALREADY popped. The treatment will act as an antiseptic to get rid of the bacteria from your pore(s) that caused that breakout, also ensures no remaining bacteria is there to cause another breakout!

Man, I have been raving so hard about this product, you definitely HAVE TO TRY it. 

It costs $25.90 for 30ml and sadly, it's only available for purchase on the Naruko webstore.

Just to let you guys know, I actually chanced upon Yvettia's review and talked to her about it before purchasing it. My review could be quite similar to hers because THAT'S WHAT THIS DOES! You all should totally try it and I'll bet your results would be exactly what we both wrote in our reviews. :-D

But just a quick tip, you must remember to cleanse your skin properly, otherwise this would just be a temporary relief to whatever acne problem you're facing. If you do not remove the dirt and excess sebum from your face, bacteria will just live off that and never go away. That's why the Kiehl's Blemish Treatment (and other spot treatment products) didn't work after a while. LOL. Just so you know. :-)

!!!: My bottle is finishing soon!! Can I find Naruko products at Taipei's Taoyuan Airport? I will be having a long stopover there and would prefer to buy this there!



I think I am the luckiest person in the world to get to try this amazing clay mask! I am going to be upfront and say that I asked for a sponsorship because of my current skin condition and I just couldn't resist asking. (My first time actually emailing and asking for a direct sponsorship for a product) Not to worry, everything written in this post is MY 100% honest opinions. 

Ok, so the right side of my face, more specifically the cheek area, has been breaking out constantly. I have been religiously cleansing, toning and moisturising, but nothing seemed to help stop or slow down the inflammation. I have been using several spot treatments, from tea tree oil (TTO), benzoyl peroxide (BP), salicylic acid pimple cream/gel/lotion whatever form it comes in, but the results were only temporary. And by temporary, I mean less than a month when things start to go haywire again.

Roseanne from http://roseannetangrs.com/ (who is currently holding a b2s giveaway), has recently reviewed the Cellilux mask. Post here. I got from her review that it is a powerful mask that cleans the excess sebum and dirt from deep within pores to prevent new breakouts. Curious and intrigued, I went straight to their Facebook page, Lifes Miracle Asia (the distributor of this mask in Singapore) and took a look at the BEFORE & AFTER pictures.

Had to send in an email, because the mask itself is quite pricey at $238, and being a student, a sceptical one at that, I did not want to shell out a bomb for something I didn't know would work. As you can tell, I have tried a lot of things spent a lot of money and did not get the results I wanted. Before and after pictures tend to draw people in and of course I get duped all the time! BUT NOT THIS TIME. If you head over now to look at the pictures, I'm sure you would think it impossible. (By the way, my sponsorship with them included me taking pictures every week during the month of me using the mask everyday, once a day, with NO OTHER SKINCARE products) Album here

NOW YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE. I was so shocked by the effects from DAY ONE. My skin has never felt better. I'll show you how effective this mask is:

You can see how much oil this mask absorbs in just under 20 mins. 

The best thing about this mask is that it is your entire skincare routine in one jar! You know that tight dry feeling you get whenever you use a clay based mask? This is the total opposite. After rinsing the dried mask off, your face feels baby smooth and moisturised! Also, when rinsing this mask off, it is best if you wet your fingers then massage your face. It has this nice smooth scrubby feel that I'm sure you will enjoy!

So as you guys can tell, my skin has improved tons! And I can say that after using it everyday for a month, my breakouts are controlled, skin is still breaking out but not as quickly, my skin feels much cleaner and softer, and much more balanced in terms of oil control and dryness in my combi-oily skin! It is pretty much normal now, but the T-zone still oils up faster as compared to the rest of the face.

When I'm done with my current jar, I will definitely be purchasing another. If you think about it, using this everyday in place of a regime that requires a cleanser, toner and moisturiser, the price tag is quite reasonable! This mask comes in a 6 oz. tub which should be able to last for 2-3 months, or even 4 if you use a thinner layer and concentrate on problem areas (probably could last you much longer that way). 

Okays, time for me to save up for my next jar!!! Please don't hesitate to leave me a comment if you need to know more about the mask!

Oh right, I totally forgot! The texture of this mask is mind blowing and I love it! Some of you may not. It feels like a thick jelly that spreads easily, gliding right onto your skin. Application is a breeze! Only gripe I have is that I have to leave it on for at least 20 mins, which translates into a longer skincare routine. But hey, it works and you only do it once a day! (for me at least) 

Haha! okay! I am so glad Lifes Miracle Asia agreed to sponsor me with this mask and that I can let you all know about this product! THANK YOU!

Now that my skin is becoming more manageable, I will be targeting post acne scarring. Even though this mask does claim to do that, I believe that is a long term result and I'd like to speed that up! I believe this mask, used in conjuction with products targeted at scarring would help boost the effects and help myself acheive clear skin faster! :-)

Ending this post with a picture of my current skin condition: Doesn't look too bad from the very first picture huh? :-)


Review: Mentholatum Lip Gels


Mentholatum has been releasing lots of new products lately and here's 3 more new additions to the family!

(Unfortunately, I only received the Vitamin and Q10 lip gels, so my review will only be based on those two)

Do you guys remember when I had a bad reaction and my lips started drying and cracking, and all I could use were medication and plain old Vaseline? Well, these lip gels are like Vaseline in tube form! I have used the original and cherry Vaseline that comes in thetubes but they just didn't feel as good as the ones that come in the tub. Mentholatum's Lip Gels are as smooth and thick as Vaseline (in the tub)!


OK, so the product info has mostly been covered in the mailer above so I will not go into detail about what each lip gel contains.

Just putting it out there first, THE VITAMIN LIP GEL is my favourite! It is minty AND has a nice orange flavour!! Both are of the same consistency and impart the same amount of shine, as much as Vaseline. Oh yeah, the first ingredient in both lip gels is PETROLATUM, which is what Vaseline is, so expect the shine and feel of Vaseline. The Q10 lip gel is not scented and has no tingly, minty feel. 


Oh, another thing, these lip gels moisturise your lips like no other! I don't really like the shine from the gels, so i apply, leave it on for about a minute, then dab off the shine with a tissue. Lips are moisturised throughout the day, talking, eating, and in air conditioning! Tried it and it's true, trust me!

So yeah, that's it for the review!! If you have any other questions, please leave it in the comments section below! Thank you!

* Products were sponsored but everything here is my 100% honest opinion! You know I love my lip stuff!

Quick share here, Lipice(SG) is giving away samples of the Lipice Sheer Color Balm on their Facebook! Picture will be linked! :-)


New Release from The Body Shop!

So I have been given the opportunity to swatch this newly launched product from TBS's Tea Tree Oil line, and it is their TEA TREE PORE MINIMISER!

I like how the packaging is slim and light, easy for people who bring this in their makeup bag or purse. The nozzle is also really a really nice size that allows full control over dispensing the primer. The primer itself is a yellowish cream coloured gel, almost similar to Eucerin's DP Creme-gel. It is super cooling and refreshing when rubbed into the skin! Also leaves a smooth finish that mattifies the skin. I love the feel of this primer! 

I tried it with BB cream and it really does help with makeup application. You know BB creams usually have that tacky feel and they dont glide well on the skin? This primer did help with that problem!

The scent is a little off putting though, so it's good that it dissipates minutes after application. It has that signature tea tree scent, but somehow, it does not have that refreshing fragrance like the other products in the tea tree line, more specifically the tea tree oil. I guess it has something to do with the the other ingredients in the primer.


Overall, this is a awesome primer, but at $32.90 for 30ml, it is a little pricey. TBS has a couple of promotions going on right now if you're interested though!

Also, TBS has repackaged their tea tree oil: it is now housed in a dark green glass bottle which looks much better than the transparent one!

I have used TBS Tea Tree oil before, as you can see, I have the transparent bottle. It is good for reducing redness of zits and especially great at keeping inflamed pimples bacteria free. I was using this to calm and 'sanitise' pimples that have 'burst' and as spot treatment. I am now testing out another awesome product (post will be up as soon as the month is up!), so I will not be continuing with the tea tree oil to treat my acne. I did a review same time last year if you are interested. This new bottle would be my 4th bottle! Been using it from last year until May. :-)

That is it for this post! Thanks for taking the time to read it!

PS. There is a Facebook contest run by TBS that is ongoing right now! Contestants AND voters stand to win prizes!


Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula (TDF): Facial and Body Wash review

Ok, I have been using TDF's Facial and Body Cleanser, just on my face and the exfoliating agent in it is SALICYLIC acid. I love that this cleanser has peppermint and tea tree oils in it! Makes cleansing a refreshing activity that just leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean. For a clinical standard cleanser, I had expected it to be harsh and drying, but it isn't! Trust me! 

The cleanser foams well, feels like it doesn't clean but after patting dry, your face just feels great! I have been using it for more than a week and I it's been controlling my breakouts really well. A few pimples have been drying out really quickly and no new breakouts! YAY!

I have this cleanser in the 237ml bottle, which is huge because i only use like about a 1-cent coin amount every time i cleanse my face. I won this during TDF's first blogger event. But honestly, for the size, it is considered cheap and I would certainly purchase it when I am done with my current bottle!

The oiliness on my T-zone has also been significantly lesser, what a difference one cleanser can make!

The most valuable lesson I have learnt from the bloggers event is that a cleansing is the most important step to healthy and clean skin. I always thought serums and targeting products were the solution to breakouts and flare ups, but never gave it a second thought that the stuff I have been using has never penetrated far enough to get rid of my problem.

The only new product I have been using is this cleanser so I know that the above philiosophy is true and that TDF's cleansers work! 

I have no other details to add, but if you have any questions, please let me know! Sorry if this review is so short, but I honestly have no idea what else I need to write about the cleanser! :-)


P.S I don't suffer from any breakouts on my body so I can't say if it works well for those who have acne on their body!



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Review: Mentholatum Acnes Creamy Wash + NEW Daily Facial Scrub

Sponsored by EK MEDIA

The scrub arrived at the right time for me to review! I just ran out of the discontinued L'oreal Pure Zone Exfoliating Gel Wash, which is absolutely awesome and I have no idea why L'oreal had to discontinue it. 

I like my facial cleansers to be moisturising (current fav: Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Wash) and have anti-bacterial properties which the Acnes Creamy Wash and Facial Scrub has. But for scrubs, I really really prefer them with menthol or any sort of cooling sensation which is why I picked up the Pure Zone, with it's super strong cooling, tingly feel. I like my scrubs refreshing, just because it makes me feel that my skin is properly cleansed. I know there are articles out there that strongly advise against menthol as they strip your skin of moisture, but without that burst of freshness, I cannot feel that my skin has been thouroughly cleansed. 

The thing about these two cleansers is that one is just a plain foaming facial wash, and the other identical in texture and scent (really delicious lime scent!), with the addition of little scrubby bits and menthol. If you try both the creamy wash and scrub, you would know that they are essentially identical in terms of their foaming, scent and texture. Plainly put, the scrub is just the creamy wash with added beads and menthol.

I am so happy with the scrub because it is as refreshing as the Pure Zone, but at the same time disappointed because the beads in it were relatively sparse. The Acnes Facial Scrub has 2 types of beads, blue and green, for a cooling and refreshing feel and deep cleansing, respectively. The scrub does not feel harsh at all, but to some extent, there is exfoliation. Well, I guess it makes this suitable for people with sensitive skin, but beware of the menthol as it may be too much. A test is always good.

What I like the most about these 2 products is that they have anti-bacterial properties. Removing just the dirt, dead skin cells, and grime off your face does not remove the bacteria that cause breakouts. Having ingredients in it helps to kill off and prevent acne bacteria from entering your pores when cleansing, which ultimately provides you with clear skin. What I like to do is use a facial wash that cleanses the dirt and grime off well, followed by one of these cleansers that have anti-bacterial properties. (the Pure Zone had salicylic acid and something called the iso-bacteria thingy) The cleansing facial wash I use is philosophy Purity Made Simple. A little pricey but definitely worth it as it lasts for quite some time.

So, I have been testing both for almost a week and I gotta say, the OIL CONTROL is fantastic! Both are a little drying, but if you use it together with a more hydrating wash (before Acnes), the tight feeling will not be too unbearable. I know the oil control is awesome because it is the only new item in my skincare rountine, I swear! :-)

If you are interested, please head on to the Mentholatum Facebook Page to redeem a 3 step sample kit for yourself!

The new Acnes daily facial scrub retails for $7.50. (That's a steal!)



Review: Mentholatum Organic Certified Lipbalm


Hello all! I have received 2 lipbalms, courtesy of Sharmilla. As you guys already know, I am a lip balm hoarder, I guess I haven't updated my collection, but trust me when I say I have enough for my entire family, (non-immediate included). :-P

Alrighties! So, Mentholatum, company that makes the LipIce Fruity Balms, as well as the famous Rohto Cool Eyedrops (which I still have yet to get my hands on), recently introduced their FIRST ORGANIC CERTIFIED LIPBALM with the highest Eco-cert accreditation.

Simply put, 100% of the ingredients in this lipbalm are of natural origins, and get this, 97.84% are grown organically!

Personally, I don't have a preference for all natural, organic products, but ever since I got an allergic reaction to polishes, which broke me out along the jawline and my lips contracted dermatitis, I've been avoiding alcohol and heavily fragranced products. By the way, I tried and finished using almost 4 tubes of different lip balms and my lips only became worse. (3 tubes of Maybelline Babylips, Blistex Raspberry Lemonade, LipIce Water, Nivea Hydro something). It got so bad that I started breaking out, so I went to the doctor and all I use now is plain, old Vaseline.

As I was saying, I am gald I got to try these lipbalms out, because they are all natural and don't contain any chemicals in it that could trigger any sort of reaction on my now sensitive lips (or sensitised? no idea which category it belongs to now).

As for my experience, I have been using these balms daily for a week now while I still apply Vaseline in the mornings and nights before bed (thick, generous layer), and I love these balms! No irritation, and they smell great. This is the kind of balm that 'melts' and becomes 'slippery' upon contact with heat, and feels like those roll on liquid glosses, but without the greasy feel. It does keep my lips from drying out, but I don't feel that it is moisturising enough. Although it is all natural, it isn't as thick feeling as the Burt's Bees Original Lipbalm, which gets waxy when applied heavily (something I tend to do with all my balms). 

Look how glossy this balm is! You can tell by the yellow tinge of the balm that it definitely contains oils. I do not know if they are essential oils because it doesn't state that it is.


These balms are lightweight with no sticky waxy feel, but it's just not my preference. It has an awesome scent (Lavender), but for hydrating and moisturising, it just isn't that great. For those who love slick balms, this would be a great choice! A big thumbs up for being free of chemicals though!!

This organic lipbalm comes in 2 scents, Raspberry and Strawberry (this is kinda weird, because the scent/taste is not that noticeable), and Lavender and Orange (THIS I LIKE, very strong Lavender with a hint of Orange). These are $7.90 each, a little more expensive than the average lipbalm, but being free from chemicals makes them so much more worth every penny spent (at least for people like me).

Sold almost everywhere lipbalms are sold! Watsons, Guardian, supermarkets and departmental stores.

Remember to LIKE the LipIce (SG) page to redeem a LipIce Fruity Balm sample!

The ORGANIC ingredients:

African Shea Butter: Soothes and heals dry lips

Spanish Olive Oil: Anti-aging and prevents chapped lips

Argentinean Jojoba Oil: Long-lasting hydration (my favourite oil)

Columbian Coconut Oil: Softens for silky smooth lips

</p> </p>






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